Humanitas Launches Food Insecurity Survey for Writers – The Hollywood Reporter


Humanitas Launches Food Insecurity Survey for Writers – The Hollywood Reporter

Humanitas, host of the annual Humanitas Awards and non-profit organization focused on supporting film and television writers who explore the human experience, has launched a food insecurity survey as part of its ongoing Groceries for Writers project.

“Groceries for Writers was an insightful project and sparked a deep interest in food insecurity among screenwriters,” said Michelle Franke, executive director of Humanitas. “Food insecurity predates the strike and will persist. Therefore, Humanitas strives to envision a future for our direct relief work.”

The survey, which went online on Wednesday and will remain open until September 22, is aimed at feature film and television playwrights with the aim of better understanding “the prevalence and impact of food insecurity – or lack thereof – in the screenwriting community”. says Franke. The organization defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to food that ensures everyone in a household can lead an active and healthy life.

Questions relate to personal and household demographics, guild status, writing skills and levels (e.g. television writer, feature writer, support or production staff), as well as past and present food insecurity histories and impacts, access to grocery stores and food budgeting (both) . financially and physically).

Respondents can include professional writers—both showrunners and employees—as well as aspiring writers, writer-room staff, production staff, or people in another profession looking for a career change. (The survey can be accessed Here.)

The anonymized results are published and made available to the public as part of a broader consideration of the material needs of those pursuing careers in the arts and entertainment—even if they are met at all. Analysts, academics and researchers of all disciplines – including those working in universities, think tanks, studios, networks and unions – can use the survey results to inform actionable actions.

The survey is being conducted against the background of financial considerations of screenwriters and their families with regard to back-to-school and holiday expenses. It also comes nearly four months after Humanitas established Groceries for Writers, a direct aid project in response to the ongoing Writers Guild strike.

Designed to support WGA members suffering from food insecurity and was launched with a donation from Bone Together with founder Hart Hanson and his wife Brigitte, the project collects donations and distributes ration cards to screenwriters and their families across the United States

The company has also grown to distribute farm packs to WGA writers in the LA area, as well as durable goods and other supplies directly to WGA member families. So far, over 1,300 e-grocery cards have been given away and 200 farm packs have been delivered.

“For us, the Groceries for Writers Project shows the structural decay in Hollywood, the imminent need for a fair deal, and the risks surrounding the vital work of union organizers in the film and television industry,” says Franke. “Authors are the heart of our organization. Without them there is no Humanitas.”

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