Jimmy Buffett’s widow breaks her silence following the singer’s death in an emotional tribute


Jimmy Buffett’s widow breaks her silence following the singer’s death in an emotional tribute

Jimmy BuffettHis wife speaks openly about his death.

As Perezcious readers know, the musician sadly passed away earlier this month after a four-year private battle with Merkel cell carcinoma – a rare form of skin cancer. Unfortunately, he left behind his wife of almost 50 years. Jane Slags, volwho had until now decided against making public statements about the painful matter.

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At the weekend Jane went to Margaritaville I posted a detailed statement in his honor on the singer’s website. She began:

“As Jimmy said a few months ago, ‘Getting older is not for wimps.’ The last few years have been an unimaginable challenge for Jimmy and me, and we are definitely not wimps. There was one thing we both knew and experienced in every difficult moment: the feeling of being supported by all the people in our lives. Everywhere we went, in arenas, at events, and even in the hospitals, we were surrounded by love. There is a whole world of people I want to thank for the incredible kindness you have shown us.”

She went on to call her late husband’s fans a “big, boisterous family” and thanked them for “creating the happiest community in the world.” She then turned her attention to the “teams of doctors, nurses, hospice workers and caregivers” who supported Jimmy in his fight for health:

“Their compassion was overwhelming in the best way possible. Jimmy listened to everything you said and followed your every instruction. You gave him hope even in the most hopeless moments.”


She then thanked, on behalf of herself and Jimmy, all the “honorable” people the couple has worked with, stating:

“You have improved our lives in thousands of ways every day, big and small. This has been particularly the case in recent years.”

We can only imagine how difficult it has been for Jimmy and Jane, but it warms our hearts to hear that they have received so much support.
Jane went on to thank her friends, writing:

“To my wonderful friends: you have expanded the meaning and depth of friendship. Jimmy and I have felt your breathtaking love and compassion throughout our lives and especially in recent years.”

She added:
“Jimmy was love. Every cell in his body was filled with joy. He smiled all the time, even when he was seriously ill. And his sense of humor never wavered. Jimmy was always the optimist, always smiling and always making us laugh.”
Read their full statement HERE.

So beautifully put.

Our hearts continue to go out to Jane and all of Jimmy’s loved ones. Share your support in the comments below.
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